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ColdBrain-Scape Help Clan
« on: September 09, 2012, 08:55:37 pm »
Hello, ColdBrain-Scape players!

Today, I'm starting a Help Chat for new players! Anyone who has questions can join the chat, and the ranked people will be more than happy to help you all out! Just join the friends chat: "help". This is actually my second account. The questions can be about anything regarding the game. Please do not ask us homework questions. Make sure the questions are not fruitless but are relevant to the game! Ranks will be given by me depending on how actively you help the players.


1) Follow all ColdBrain-Scape ingame and forum rules!
2) Please, respect every player in the chat.
3) Answer their questions or ask the questions in a nicely manner.
4) No fruitless or irrelevant questions!



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